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You are trying to make ends meet by renting out your spare room.


so now its not 3am and I am not rushing to meet the deadline here is the game.

You have a spare room and lots of expenses so are looking for a way to keep your level of luxury where it is without being unable to afford your own rent. You have a spare room so you have put your details on the trendiest app for of the grid letting, UnfairBnB. Knowing very little about people you can pick who you want to share your house, but be careful because you never know how secure someones job is, or if they might skip out on paying the rent altogether.

Made in about 10 hours in the end due to other commitments, most of that in a 7 hr final stretch(seriously 7hrs prior to deadline I had about 3 scripts and one UI element) so a lot of parts dropped due to time limitations and wanting to get something playable out.

******Read After Playing******

- the expenses would come with a level of joy they bring, where a minimum amount of joy is required to go on.Dropped due to not having the time to implement it in a way that wasn't about as subtle as a brick to face;

- deposits from the tenants just an added risk reward element whether more money upfront is required of higher long term gains - dropped for simplicity

- expenses can be chosen rather than assigned at the beginning, wanted to give the player freedom to risk a higher standard of living but with the dropping of the Joy level it was extra work that would have no in game benefit.

- Tennants history, if you rented to a tenant before you would know about it to help inform your decision - dropped for time.

- better art and music - dropped for time

*patched gamebreaking bug 12/12*


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